Please promptly use Gift Cards (Certificates) you have purchased in our auction.  Rawlco Radio will consider Gift Card (Certificate) refunds within 30 days of purchase at auction if the Gift Card (Certificate) is not usable as a result of unforeseen circumstances.  Gift Cards (Certificates) purchased at auction are not refundable by Rawlco Radio beyond 30 days.


Payment Instructions / FAQ

All payments must be made online. Payment options include: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard.

As you shop throughout auction day, you will be notified via email when you are the successful bidder. Each of your purchases will automatically be added to your invoice. At the end of our auction day you will be able to go into your account and pay for all of your auction items in one payment. 

You can either click on the link provided in any of your successful bidder emails or you can login to your account at click the "my account" button at the top right of your screen, and click on invoices.

Credit cards on file may automatically be charged after the auction has ended on the following business day.

Shipping Instructions

When you go into pay your invoice, you will be asked to pick from one of our shipping options. Please note if you have purchased an item from our auction, you will be provided with a Proof of Purchase letter that you will present to the retailer providing this item. The shipping options below apply to this Proof of Purchase letter, not the item itself. There are two options available to you:


You can select pick-up in Saskatoon or in Regina. If you select Pick-up you will be contacted when your item(s) are ready and available for pick-up.  The pick-up times will be provided to you when your purchase(s) are ready following the auction. In order to take advantage of pick-up you will need to have paid for your items online. Please note: you will not have the option to pay for your items upon arrival/in person.  All payments must be made online.  Give reception your name and provide your photo ID. Reception will then give you your auction purchases.

Registered Mail

 If you select registered mail, please note there is a $10 charge that will be added to your invoice. Registered Mail comes with a tracking number that allows us to track that your purchases have been delivered to the address on file.  This does not include insurance.  Please double check that the address listed on your account is current and your correct mailing address.